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We are a non-profit focused on assisting our areas senior citizens and veterans learn woodworking skills.

Donor Highlights

Connor Sports

Connor Sports of Amasa has donated the hardwood flooring needed to replace the damaged areas of the building.

M.J. Electric

M.J. Electric will donate all the electrical material and labor for the entire building.

The Community

From volunteer workers to businesses like Minerick Logging volunteering to kiln-dry the materials and Starship Enterprises of Vulcan cutting them into tongue-and-groove paneling, we run on community support.

The goal is to open our doors in the Fall of 2023

A truly community driven team is helping make this opportunity available to all.

Organizers and Board of Directors

[Tom Wender]

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[Pine Creek Woodworking]

[Intersection of Upper Pine Creek Dr & Bluff View Dr, Iron Mountain]

A non-profit with the goal to teach local senior citizens and veterans woodworking skills.